Wednesday, May 07, 2008
  • Weapons of Mass Design or the Real Thing by Hermes?

    Let me suggest you tweet this:

    Rifles, rockets, bombs, electric chairs, and chainsaws + bling × haute couture: That's the recipe of Peter Gronquist's Weapons of Mass Designers --

    Louis Vuitton Chainsaw Louis Vuitton AK-47

    Does anyone see a pattern here [gasmasks, weapons, ...]

    It's the old trick of making an extremely violent film featuring some random war theme and calling it an anti-war manifesto.

    So far so good... now, if you need a true, maybe non-fabulous revolution, you need -- at least -- one of these --

    The Hermès Eurocopter

    The Hermès Eurocopter

    The helicopter's cockpit upholstered in black leather --

    The Hermès Eurocopter: Cockpit

    ... and the redesigned landing gear --

    The Hermès Eurocopter: Landing gear

    The french fashion company Hermès recently teamed up with eurocopter, the world's third largest aerospace group to create l'helicoptre par hermès, a luxury helicopter.

    No irony here.

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