Sunday, November 22, 2009
  • Silhouettes Mural Limited Edition Vinyl Series

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    It's tiny, it's affordable, and best of all, it's specifically made for a good cause --

    Lyrois: Silhouettes Mural Limited Edition Vinyl Series

    This special miniature edition is executed in matte black and glossy Lyrois signature-purple vinyl on 2mm foam-board. It is the sibling of much bigger works, sampling and remixing the silhouettes shapeset painted on walls, etched as well as decaled on glass, even printed on a collection of snowboards.

    Lyrois: Close-up of Silhouettes Mural Limited Edition Vinyl Series

    The Lyrois Silhouettes Mural Limited Edition Vinyl Series come in 140 × 70mm, it is a series of 10, with #000 and #001 being retained as artist's proof and the remaining #002 through #009 donated to support John T. Unger's Legal Defense Fund in his quest to defend himself and art in general.

    The pieces are scratch-signed and numbered on the back, and accompanied by a printed and signed certificate documenting its story and origin. No more pieces of this edition will ever be made.

    Buy them as long as they last, for your pleasure and for a good cause, at John T. Unger's Artist's Legal Defense Sale.

    See also, the companion piece to the Vinyl Series, the Aluminum Series, in black/black.

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