Monday, December 24, 2007
  • Translating High-Res to Low-Res Graphics

    Let me suggest you tweet this:

    From very high-res vector graphics to low-res pixels in favicons.

    Let's see how much we have to remove until the bare minimum, the essence, is left and exposed. Let's see how much we can remove. Let's see what we have to sacrifice on the way.

    Check this out: 16 × 16px --

    black x white x purple x 16px

    This is the original pic in 320 × 320px --

    black x white x purple x smooth 320px

    While the subject of this post is to announce the new favicon -- the little icon that is displayed in your browser's address bar, to the left of this page's URL and in your browser's bookmark list -- it brings along the beauty of simplification.

    Here is the 16 × 16px version again, this time enlarged to 320 × 320px --

    black x white x purple x 16px x 320px

    Now, please go back as far as your room allows and compare the two.

    The design of the reduced version of that shape interpretes and translates the characteristics and lines of the original vector graphic. The original flow must survive the reduction in order to recognize the high-res fluid strokes beyond the hard and purposefully not anti-aliased 16 × 16 pixel-grid.

    Does it work for you?

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