Friday, February 12, 2010
  • Torn Vector Moirés

    Let me suggest you tweet this:

    ... or how to make gradients with only fill and stroke -- in fact, stroke will be perfectly sufficient.

    It was going to be called "meaningless graphics #1 through #6."

    Lyrois: Torn Vector Moirés

    As always, I could invent some crazy-ass legend and try to convince someone, somewhere, that in reality, I had such and such idea, and was looking for the right way and time to eventually express it. Really.

    Except, I didn't. Didn't intend to, at least. Make a series of 6 graphics, have the minimalistic approach grow into something kinda elaborate, and wait for the questions. The inevitable. Why 6? Why are they similar, different, purple, what are those lines? Inevitable.

    Of course, reflecting upon the dreaded questions lead to answers, and, you guessed it, some crazy-ass legend. Talk about going full circle, a dialogue evolved out of and into never meaningless graphics.

    A short story in six parts --

    Veiled struggle behind darkness, emerging into the light only to be sucked back into the dark, emerging again, you can't do it on your own, join forces already!

    Obviously, the darkness leaves its traces, impossible to tell who is who, also, struggle changes, together, united, you make it. What's left of you? Are you still the same? Did any part of you remain untouched? Don't think so. Never did.

    1. Here I am, drowning, being sucked in. Here I am, drowning, being sucked in.
    2. Hey, it's me. You ain't drowning. Hey, it's me. You ain't drowning.
    3. Now, that's better. You feel the air? Now, that's better. Can you feel the air?
    4. Trying to show you the light. Trying to show you the light.
    5. You're losing me. You're losing me.
    6. No! Reach out -- See how we change? No! Reach out -- See how we changed?

    What? Make of it what you want.

    Note: You should will see the print version of this series. Where the moirés are static and pixelated on the screen, they visually live and move in high-res printing.

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