Tuesday, March 02, 2010
  • The Paint By Numbers Guide to Making Elaborate Patterns (+ Twitter Backgrounds)

    Let me suggest you tweet this:

    The problem with repetitive patterns is that you get lost. I want enlightenment, or at least temporarily illuminating the dark side of intricate, entangled, lines and shapes.

    We're talking about patterns here, patterns that are great to look stare at but hard to make. Well, not that hard, actually.

    Starting at the end, here is the result, this is what we want, everyone --

    Lyrois: Sample Repetitive Pattern

    And this is what it's made of, where pattern recognition comes into play -- the smallest atomic piece that, once repeated, makes up a whole tiled wall or wallpaper --

    Lyrois: Sample Repetitive Pattern

    Now, let's deconstruct this pattern and analyze it --

    Lyrois: Sample Repetitive Pattern Schema

    The small shapes correspond to #1 while the larger figures are represented as #2.

    Elements are turned upside down, rotated, mirrored, morphing into on another and through the boundaries of the boxes.

    There is just one rule: The top has to fit seemlessly to the bottom and the left must fit the right -- without mirroring; any mirror effect has to take place within the tile, which doesn't have to be square, obviously.

    See what happens in these inaccurately drawn, schematic tiles --

    Lyrois: Sample Repetitive Pattern Schema

    The hard part, and the art part, is to work as accurately as possible. This is important because the desired rapport is a seemless pattern.

    Bonus points are awarded for avoiding the swastika pattern, which is way too easily created by rotating elements in an attempt to create visual "harmony." (Lyrois Pattern Law #1: When you think you're done, look for, and remove the swastikas.)

    Free Twitter Backgrounds

    I'll leave you with some ready-made tiles that you can use as your Twitter background image, just right-click, save-as, and you're done --

    Lyrois: Repetitive Pattern Tile 2009 Lyrois: Repetitive Pattern Tile 2010

    As for the second tile, who can tell me something about this one, concerning normalization and pattern recognition?

    See also --

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010
  • Ace of Spades

    Let me suggest you tweet this:

    I don't play cards because it violates rule #7. Other than that, when I play -- if I play -- I play by my own rules with cards from my own deck.

    Here is my hand, drawn randomly from the deck of 52 aces of spades --

    Lyrois: Ace of Spades

    Thorough preparation makes its own luck.

    --Joe Poyer

    Lyrois: Ace of Spades

    Obvious or not, there is more to it and in it, but it's a good starting point.

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Friday, October 16, 2009
  • Wallpaper: Electric Shapes

    Let me suggest you tweet this:

    After playing with repetitive shapes on skatedecks, here are the electric patterns again -- they're repetitive, after all --

    Lyrois Wallpaper: Electric Shapes on the wall #1

    Lyrois Wallpaper: Electric Shapes on the wall #2

    How it is done: Printed on water-resistant billboard paper or on self-adhesive, non water-resistant standard paper, for outdoor walls, it is possible to produce wallpapers on glossy or matte vinyl.

    What you get: Rolls, 2ft wide or sheets, up to 5ft wide.

    Lyrois Wallpaper: Electric Shapes in various styles

    Please note that the artwork is clean and clear vector data, here is a close-up detail --

    Lyrois Wallpaper: Electric Shapes detail

    See also: Wallpaper: Purple Shapes

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Thursday, April 10, 2008
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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
  • Hipster PDAs

    Let me suggest you tweet this:

    With hat tips to Richard Dawkins and Merlin Mann, ... the meme-busting, curiously famous, ... Hipster PDA --

    Mini *Hipster-PDA*

    *Hipster-PDAs* in 3 Sizes

    Mini: 7.5 cm × 11 cm; Medium: 11 cm × 15.5 cm; Large: 15 cm × 22 cm

    They come with metric (5 mm) grid paper and a black glossy cover made of heavy tarp.

    See also:

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